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Hallowood Institute – Link

Hallowood Institute seeks to augment psychotherapy training to include the integration of Christian spirituality into the practice of psychotherapy. Participants in events aimed at both therapists and clients explore the impact of their unique spiritual beliefs in their daily lives, identify the strengths in their practices and uncover the hidden ways that they may unconsciously thwart their own growth and that of others.

View of Self as a Guiding Lens in a Trauma Case — LINK

Gwen White shares a case study which illustrates how to use “View of self” (VOS) to understand the affects of trauma in a patient’s experience. 

Race and Psychotherapy: A CAPS Conversation Link

Several of the therapists associated with Circle Counseling and Hallowood Institute got together to talk about Race and Psychotherapy for the Christian Association of Psychological Studies as the national conversation about racial injustice focused our attention on this important topic.  We hope this recorded conversation stimulates you to consider more deeply as a practitioner how to act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with God.

Women and Divorce: The Recovery and Discovery of Self — Link

Christian women who divorce report significant psychological distress beyond financial or family responsibilities and relationship conflict. Their distress is associated with the new ways they view themselves due to their emotional turmoil and their religious beliefs about God and marriage. Dr. White invites you to explore this peer-reviewed study.

Spiritual Bypass: When Religion Blocks Growth — Link

Dr. White’s article explores how our religious beliefs and practices can sometimes trip us up and block our growth.